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Regalux, Componenti per illuminazione a LED, lampade fluorescenti e scarica, Electrical components for lighting

Components for LED lighting and for Fluorescent and Discharge lamps

Regalux, and everything works.

LED driver Regalux

LED Products

Reattori per lampade fluorescenti e a scarica

Products for Fluorescent and Discharge lamps

Since 1949, REGALUX produces components for LED and traditional lighting. Those latter continue to be 
develop to provide sustainable and effective lighting solutions also in adverse climate conditions. It uses first-class European products to complete its own range. 

REGALUX provides custom solutions to specific needs of fixtures manufacturers and installers. Regalux’ 
operations allows flexibility in production planning and, coupled with an in-depth knowledge of the market, 
enable Regalux to meet specific customers’ needs in terms of bespoke products, final product destination, or 
delivery times. Our technical department is available to cater for special requests and customised products. 

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REGALUX provides on request specific solutions to particular problems in which installers or construction companies may be found.

The size of the company, the knowledge of the market, the flexibility in scheduling the work cycles, allow REGALUX to meet the needs of product customization and delivery times, or linked to the geographical location of the product.

For requests for special products, our Technical Department is available to customers.

All REGALUX business and production processes are certified compliant with UNI EN ISO 9001 standards. 
The quality certificate has been awarded by a specialised indipendent body. All processes are periodically re-
assessed to ensure continued compliance with international standards.

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Via San Basilio, 31
20125 Milan (MI) - Italy

Phone: +39 026424106 / +39 026435404
Fax: +39 0266100367

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