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Retrofit for historic lanterns

  • To convert historic lanterns that work with incandescent discharge lamps to LED

  • The customer must provide the drawing of the support plate or send a sample of the lantern to be modified.

  • Commonly used drivers can be programmed for virtual midnight.

  • For remote control, drivers will be used that accept 1-10 V control voltage coming from conveyed wave receivers or high frequency receivers. These achievements must be defined with the customer.

  • Color temperatures: the following are available: 4000 K, 3000 K, 2700 K, 2200 K

  • The customer must identify the photometric curve suitable for the use of the retrofit (road, roto-symmetric, etc.) as per the technical datasheet vailable in the product description.

IP66 retrofits for historical lanterns

Retrofit per lanterne storiche IP66
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